Hyderabad: Putting their faith at stake, Muslims participate in Ganesh laddu auction

Hyderabad: Cursed is the one who put his hope in other than Almighty for his profit or loss. In our country superstition has become an epidemic. The situation has reached to such an extent that even the eatables are considered to be reason behind good-luck or bad-luck. It is comprehensible if a non-Muslim indulges in such superstitions, but it looks strange if a Muslim make rounds of temples or Ganesh pandals thinking that it will bring good luck to him.

The laddu auction has been a tradition that takes place each year on the day of Ganesh immersion. The traditional sweet is believed to bring prosperity to those who win it in auction. Unfortunately some Muslims who claim to worship one God also take part in the auction. This year two Muslims won the auction.

Making the highest bid of Rs. 1 lakh 87 thousand, Irfan of Gandi Mandal won the auction held by Shivaji Youth Association, at Bandlaguda. In another incident occurred at Ramanthapur, Mahboob Vali won the auction by bidding Rs. 70,116 for the laddu auctioned by Madhuranagar Vartaka Sangham.

Muslims should spare a moment of thought to this issue. Secularism and faith are different things. Putting faith at stake to prove oneself as secular is nothing but going astray.