Hyderabad: Provocative slogan raised during Ram Navami Shobha Yatra

Hyderabad: The central procession of Ram Navami which was started in the afternoon yesterday ended peacefully.

It may be mentioned that Ram Navami Shobha Yatra started at 1 p.m. from Sitaram Bagh. Passing through various areas of West, Central and East Zones, it reached Hanuman Vyayamshala, Sultan Bazar in the evening. Hyderabad City Police had deployed 5000 policemen to regulate traffic. Activists of Bajrang Dal, VHP and other Hindu fundamentalist organizations participated in the procession.

Provocative slogans were raised during the procession. Songs promising to construct Ram Temple were also sung.

Commissioner of Hyderabad City Police, Mr. Anjani Kumar personally monitored the procession.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]