Hyderabad: Protecting women from harassment

Hyderabad: Sexual harassment can happen anywhere and can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or social status. It’s with this in mind that SHE teams held an awareness campaign against it on Thursday.

Speaking on women’s safety, Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar said that though the city was the “safest place for women,” there was still some room for improvement.

“We will come to know about things happening around when people complain about it to us. We receive above 3000 complaints in a day and respond immediately to each of them,” she said.

Various groups re-enacted the harassments faced by women on public transport and emphasised the importance of self-defence.

“It is our responsibility to provide security to the women in the city at any time. Today, in this campaign, people have re-enacted the harassments faced by women on public transport which should be stopped. A woman should not feel afraid and should learn self-defence in their lives,” added Kumar.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Crimes) Shikha Goel spoke on how the state transport departments were contributing to women’s safety.

“After Nirbhaya incident, we got to know women were feeling unsafe in every city. 99% of the women taking the public transport felt insecure while travelling. However, the Road Transport Corporation has made a separate section for women in buses and metro gave a special coach to provide security in public transport,” said Goel.

“Respect towards women shall be taught from childhood. Our main aim is to provide safety and security for women and every cab, auto and bus driver should tell a woman that my vehicle is safe to travel,” she added.

Hyderabad Metro Rail managing director NVS Reddy, and Transport Department Principal Secretary Sunil Sharma also attended the event. (ANI)