Hyderabad: Property worth of Rs 50 lakh including dollars stolen from a farmhouse

Prasad Rao and Rajya Lakshmi, elderly couple had returned from the United States and were living at their Farmhouse which is located in the outskirts of Shamshabad. Their children lived in the USA and the couple too had settled there.

In the wee hours, the unidentified suspects broke into farmhouse belonging on the outskirts of the city and stole property worth around Rs 50 lakh, including US dollars, as the owners were sleeping.

They had installed an iron grill and locked it, but the grill was cut. They had kept the keys of the almirah outside it on a desk, through which the burglars opened the locks and took away the USD, Indian currency and gold which together was worth about Rs 50 lakh.

A case of burglary has been registered and the investigation has been taken up after the crime team along with the dog squad and clues team inspected the scene of the crime and collected some clues.

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