Hyderabad: Property tax ‘exemption’ to be lost for 1.8 lac houses

HYDERABAD: 1.8 lac houses were exempted from paying property tax last year, will no longer enjoy the facility, they’re now liable for paying the house tax. Moreover, their tax has been increased by GHMC. The total amount of house tax generated by these houses is Rs 1200 crores.

In order to attract voters, house tax of these houses was exempted and a minimal amount of Rs 101 was collected which summed up to be Rs 1,200 Crores, Indian Express reported.

A total of 5.30 lac houses come under property tax, of which 4.43 lac were verified in a survey. However, 1.80 lac owners were skipping the tax, while, 87,000 households still to be assessed.

The property tax has been revised for 1,879 buildings, out of 12,186 buildings with Rs 1 lac of annual tax.

A total tax of Rs 5.94 crore was collected in December last year from such unregistered and notarized properties, by the GHMC on the orders of state government. A pilot survey was also conducted by GHMC for the properties with less than 1 lac of tax at the rate of 100 per Circle.