Hyderabad: Principal asks SSC students to remove ‘burqa’, sparks tension

Hyderabad: Mild tension prevailed at the SVV High School, Sayeedabad, on Saturday, after the principal of the school asked girl students to remove their burqa for writing the SSC exam.

It must be noted that the girls had taken off the veil for identification while entering the centre, however the principal insisted that they remove the burqa as well. The girls protested on principal’s demand and called their parents.

The parents argued with the principal and when he remained firm local leaders intervened into the matter sparking of tension. Police too reached the spot.

The matter was taken to the District Education Officer. who replied: “If a Muslim girl candidate desires to take the examination with her burqa on, she should be permitted to do so.” He asked the principal to frisk girl students with the help of women invigilators.