Hyderabad: Police raids Marriott Hotel on Diwali night, arrests 36 gamblers

Hyderabad: Task Force police on Diwali night raided Marriott Hotel and arrested 36 persons, who were playing the illegal three cards game.

On Thursday night, under the supervision of Task Force Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, North and South Force Teams along with Gandhi Nagar Inspector raided the hotel and arrested those playing the illegal game. The police also seized cash of Rs 23,37650, cell phones, swiping machines, calculator and foreign wine bottles. However, organisers Sanjay Kumar, Rakesh Juneja and Rajinder Nagpal Singh are absconding.

According to the news published in DC, these three accused had sent messages to 36 businessmen to pay three cards game on Diwali night.

Police said the absconding organizers booked a room in the Marriott Hotel and allowed punters to play the game and collected Rs 3,000 per each game. They also provided liquor, hookah smoking and other facilities to the punters. On a tip-off, the Task Force teams raided on gambling room in the hotel and nabbed 36 persons.

Arrested persons include Chikoti Praveen Kumar, 48, and Babulal Agarwal, 45, DC reported.

The accused were handed over to the Gandhi Nagar PS.