Hyderabad police keeping a watch on pro-Rohingya meetings

Hyderabad: Even as the meetings and round-table conferences protesting the deportation of Rohingya Muslims in Hyderabad have increased during the recent past, the Hyderabad police is keeping an eye on the meetings. Hyderabad police have become vigilant in the wake of Centre’s statement told to the Supreme Court that the illegal immigrants from Myanmar posed a security threat to the country and that they would be sent back soon.

Several political and social parties like MIM, MBT, Welfare Party, Congress, TDP and the Left parties are openly demanding that the BJP-led NDA government should not deport Rohingyas from here on humanitarian grounds. Religious outfits like Jamat-e-Islami Hind are also backing the demand.

The Sunday Guardian has quoted an official with the Special Branch police as saying “We are aware of the role of some NGOs working for Rohingyas, but we are watching if there are any invisible outfits with links to terror network.”

There are certain NGOs like Confederation of Voluntary Associations (COVA) led by Mazhar Hussain which are working for the rehabilitation of Rohingyas in the Old City for the past five years. The COVA has been instrumental in issuing identity cards to around 3,000 Rohingya families and providing schooling to their children. This and a couple of other NGOs had always cooperated with the police.

While parties like MIM, MBT, Congress, Welfare Party, TDP, left parties and even ruling TRS protest against attacks on Rohingyas in Myanmar and favour sheltering Rohingyas in Hyderabad, BJP is the only party that is opposing it.