Hyderabad: Police imposed restrictions on New Year’s bash

With New Year’s Eve a few days away, Cyberabad police have imposed restrictions on all the venues in City including resorts and farmhouses which are hosting New Year celebrations.

Bars and restaurants have been permitted by City police to remain open till 1 a.m only.

Police have decided to impose the restrictions following the allegations that few pubs and star hotels are involved in illegal activities like running hookah smoking, drugs and rave parties.

Despite police restrictions, thousands of youngsters gathered to celebrate New Year, they were seen roaming around on the bikes with many of them riding triple in violation of traffic rules. This year too, police are expecting a crowd of similar size.

“It was noticed that star hotels, pubs and resorts are functioning beyond stipulated time limit besides there are allegations of hookah smoking, consumption of drugs at hotels and pubs.

There are 25 star hotels, three pubs, 22 resorts and 269 farm houses that fall under the jurisdiction of Cyberabad Police.

Restaurants and pubs that want to make the best of the festive season have to get prior permission from the police to host events and the events are restricted from 8pm to 1am only.

Cyberabad police have met the party organizers and sought details with rules and regulations to ensure orderly and safe conduct of the events.