Hyderabad police to hold key meet to discuss curbs on cattle sale ahead of Baqra’eid

Hyderabad: In the backdrop of Baqra’eid, the festival of sacrifice, a key meeting of Hyderabad police and department of animal husbandry will be held on Tuesday to discuss the issue of Fit For Slaughter Certificate (FFSC). There has been a controversy over slaughter of healthy cattle. While a section of the Muslim community demands for allowing the slaughter of healthy cattle, animal husbandry officials claim that it is illegal.

Though the slaughter of cows and calf are banned, the controversy pertains to other cattle like ox and buffalo, which are in healthy condition. By holding a meeting with animal husbandry officials, police seek a clarification on the issue.

As reported by TOI, a section of the Muslim community is insisting that for the auspicious practice of `Qurbani’, they want a healthy animal to be supplied. As per existing rules prescribed by Telangana Animal Husbandry department, it is not possible. Cattle can be slaughtered only after a veterinary officer issues a FFSC based on various existing rules.

According to senior officials of animal husbandry, an ox, which is above 14 years and not fit to work in an agriculture field, a buffalo (male or female), which is above 14 years and not fit for breeding, and agriculture cattle that is unhealthy will only be allowed for slaughtering.

A veterinary doctor will check and certify if the animal is fit for transportation, before an animal is transported to Hyderabad from various other districts. Again a veterinary doctor from GHMC will examine if the cattle is fit to be slaughtered, at the time of ante mortem.

Apart from that, officials will discuss about enforcement mechanism like check posts in suburbs to check illegal transportation of cattle, especially cows.