Hyderabad: Plan afoot to save city from flooding

By Mohammed Hussain Ahmed

Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has decided to construct a bridge with 8 gates near the pulpit of Hussainsagar to release excess water to save the city from the flooding.  The design of the project has been prepared and submitted to the Department of Municipal Administration.  Plans are underway to float tenders soon.

According to experts, installation of gates to Hussainsagar will keep the city safe from a flood situation. 

Flood, drainage water

The flood and drainage water from Kukatpally, Pikkat, Banjara Hills and Malkapur Nallas flow directly into Hussainsagar.  The reservoir with a capacity of 0.9 tmc fills to the brim and overflows creating a flood-like situation in many low lying areas causing inconvenience to thousands of people. 

Presently, there is no water release gate at Hussainsagar.  The excess water releases automatically when the reservoir is full and flow into the low lying areas creating a flood-like situation in many parts of the city.

A committee was formed under Water Resources department engineer-in-chief  C. Muralidhar to make a comprehensive assessment of flooding in the city and  Hussainsagar structure.  The Committee shall submit a report to the Government. 

Bridge, eight flood gates

There is a proposal to construct a bridge near the current pulpit with 8 flood gates.  A design is prepared to release 38.560 cusecs of water in low lying areas.  A copy of the design has been submitted to the Municipal Administration Department.

Experts claim that if the gates are installed and water is released in the low lying areas, it can save many areas of the city.  The experts also claim that there would not be any danger to the existing nallas due to release of 38.560 cusecs of water.  If need be, the nallas could be repaired. Soon tenders for the construction of bridge and gates would be floated.  In case of work being started for gates’ construction, the traffic on the tank band could be stopped.