Hyderabad: Pervert caught molesting women during Ganesh Festival

HYDERABAD: A pervert caught on camera that followed and inappropriately touched women including minor girls during the recent Ganesh Chaturthi procession, reported The News Minute.

The disturbing video shows a man in red shirt navigating though the crowd and physically molested a minor girl. Unaware of the camera, the pervert then walks little further and stands behind a woman dressed in pink saree and repeats his brazen act in spite of the woman pushing his hand away, he touches her inappropriately.


SHE teams of Hyderabad caught these incidents on camera. They followed the suspicious men with cameras, videotaped their action and caught them red-handedly.

The man was among the 30 people detained for harassing women during the celebrations.

“While the teams were observing several locations, some people were following the procession and sprinkling water on women. Some were throwing water packets. Some people were caught for throwing paper pieces and flowers on women. Some were taking selfies with women without their knowledge. Some were blowing whistles and shouting at the ladies,” the city police said in a statement.

“Some of them followed and stalked the women. Few others were trying to touch the ladies inappropriately in an inebriated condition. All these activities were video recorded and the accused were caught red handed with video evidence,” it stated.