Hyderabad: Persons caught in drunken driving cases may face difficulties in getting passport, visa

Hyderabad: Persons who were held in the drunken driving case on New Year’s Eve might face difficulties in getting the passport, visa.

According to the report published in Telangana Today, traffic police is sharing the details of the person who are convicted in the drunken driving case with Special Branch (SB).

It may be mentioned that SB collects data of anti-social, communal elements and conducts antecedent verification of the person who applies for the passport or a government job.

A senior official said that once a person is convicted, details will be shared with SB. These details will be used while conducting antecedents’ verification of an applicant.

Consulate offices and employers may also receive the details of the offense.

Talking on this issue, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic-II), Mr. AV Ranganath said that the details are updated with the help of Aadhaar number.

Explaining the process, he said that if a person is caught in drunken driving case, his Aadhaar details will be entered in the computerized record and after his conviction, details will be shared with SB.

It may be noted that more than 2,000 drunken driving cases were registered on the New Year’s Eve.