Hyderabad: Overstaying Nigerian deported

Hyderabad: A 40-year-old Nigeria native who was illegally overstaying in the city was detained and deported to his country by the Cyberabad police.

The man was assisting his counterparts in Nigeria in committing cyber crimes offences and was picked up for questioning before his detention.

Cyberabad police commissioner VC Sajjanar said some Nigerian nationals who come to India on tourist visa, medical attendant visa, business visa and education visa stay beyond the permitted time period and become illegal residents, adding that Valentine Kevin, a native of Nigeria, was one such person.

Valentine was picked by police on suspicion and was enquired about his involvement in cyber offences.

Though he was not involved in any present offences, he could not satisfactorily answer regarding his presence in Hyderabad.

He came to India in 2014 on medical attendant visa and was staying illegally after the expiry of the visa, police said.

He was deported to his country on Friday after police obtained orders from the office of Bureau of Immigration, Hyderabad.

Authored by Mohammed Hussain, mohammedhussain.reporter@gmail.com Twitter: @writetohussain