Hyderabad: Old City gets Metro rejoice, public protests paid off

Hyderabad: The TRS government has finally approved for extending the metro rail line into the parts of Old city. The approval comes after putting the decision to extend the metro rail line into Old city on hold since 2013 when AIMIM opposed the alignment due to acquisition of 1100 properties during road widening.

According to the news reported in Times of India, the Old city part of Metro rail works comes under 16 km Corridor-II (JBS to Falaknuma) of the project which, as of now, work is going on from JBS to MGBS only. After this decision to include Old city in the project, it extends from MGBS to Falaknuma, a 6 km stretch.


MGBS to Falaknuma stretch includes five stations namely- Salarjung Museum, Charminar, Shalibanda, Shamshergunj and Falaknuma.

A senior GHMC official said that “If L&T takes up the work, it would take one year to complete the project. Acquiring 1,100 properties, including 35 religious structures, will be a Herculean task.”

The decision of the TRS government comes in the wake of protests by the Public and Political parties.
The AIMIM, had earlier suggested an alternative route for Old city part of Metro. The route was via the Musi, High court and Bahadurpura. The previous Congress government also asked L&T to study the feasibility for alternative route.

L&T had rejected the proposal of alternative route citing that it passes next to the heritage structures and also due to environmental issues. Also, the cost of the project would be escalated by Rs 700-800 crores.

According to the Official sources, L&T was given the deadline of July 2017 to complete the project and also the estimated project cost was ₹14,132 crore for the entire 72 km Metro plan.
Due to delay in handing over the right of way led to a revised deadline of November 2018.