Hyderabad: Nowhera case soon to CBI; TS police

HYDERABAD: Nowhera Shaikh, the name that has been making news since October 2018 for cheating investors for the money they invested. Nowhera Shaikh has different entities under the name Heera Group Of Companies as many as 15. She won many awards as an Entrepreneur She was arrested in New Delhi on 16th of October 2018 and brought to Hyderabad for investigation after a case was booked. There are 40 cases booked against her from different states.

Mahila Empowerment Party:
Nowhera Shaikh formed a Political party with a name Mahila Empowerment Party in 2017. MEP contested in 221 seats among 225 in elections held in Karnataka. Her agenda behind this party was to empower women and fight for equal rights of women.

Investigations have been made, and Nowhera Shaikh did not reveal anything. The only thing that she said was she has been targeted by some political parties and she did not cheat any investor.

Telangana Police failed to find any strong evidence against her and wants to hand over the case to CBI. According to sources, Political parties are trying to keep the case with Telangana Police.

Nowhera Shaikh case turning to be a complex Mystery from a simple Fraud case.