Hyderabad: Muslim man’s five organs donation by his son

Hyderabad:  A brain dead man’s five organs were donated by his son in Nalgonda. Sheikh Niranjan alias Hussain is the first muslim to donate organs in the state. The organs have been collected at the Osmania General Hospital.

According to Deccan Chroncile, Hussain had been claimed; brain dead and his five organs were donated to the Jeevandan scheme of the government.

Hussain, 55-years-old met with an accident and had got severe head injuries. When he declared brain dead his son, Jahangeer donated kidneys, corneas and liver.

“My father was a God-fearing person and had always helped everyone who came to his door. In death, he has given his organs and given new life to many others,” told Mr Jahangeer to Deccan Chronicle.

He was convinced by the Jeevandan counsellors Bhanu Chander and Osmania General Hospital medical superintendent Dr G.V. Murthy

After this scheme established more than 300 organ donations took place. Hussain is the first Muslim who donated his organs.

Arab scholars gave the permission to donate the organs under certain terms and conditions as Indian Muslim scholars says that human body is created by the God’s desire and its parts cannot be given to others is not the correct thing.