Hyderabad: Murad Bee graveyard Mutawalli accused of stopping burials

Hyderabad: Wakf Land of Murad Bee graveyard, Mangalhat limit is under threat from its Mutawalli who are creating problems for people coming to bury their loved ones. A person by name Syed Basith resident of Begumbazaar who have made temporary Muttawalli allegedly harassing people and even manhandling them along with his associates. A case was also registered against one Saleem an associate of Basith was also been booked.

Mohammed Javeed who resides around the graveyard alleged that the Muttawalli stays very far from the place and trying to commercialize the space. He alleged that Wakf board is also sitting idle and no action have been taken despite many complaints were filed. Mr Javeed, accused the Muttawalli of trying to take the possession of graveyard land systematically, said that a serious situation cropped up when the funeral procession was stopped.

Mr. Javeed also alleged that the graveyards turning out to be a dump-yard and is not maintained properly. Often drunk men finding it safe to assemble at the graveyard for booze and throws the bottles there.

Javeed insisted on the Wakf Board to take immediate action against the Mutawalli of Murad Bee Graveyard and save it from disappearing.

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