Hyderabad: Money lenders increase activities during Ramadan

Hyderabad: The activities of white collar money lenders are on the increase due to the forthcoming Ramadan month. These money lenders give loans to petty traders under the pretext of helping them in their business activities but the underlying motto is to earn more interest.

Police should become alert during Ramadan to curb such activities.

It is reported that in Yakutpura, Malakpet, Talab Katta, Kalapathar, Tadban, Pathergatti and other places such activities have increased. The youths of such localities are being tempted to borrow money from these money lenders to earn huge profits during Ramadan month thereby indulging them in paying interest which is ‘haram’.

These money lenders enjoy the support of miscreants and hence no complaints are registered against them by the small traders.

It is the duty of religious leaders and Muslim scholars to create awareness among the Muslim youths to refrain from indulging in such business activities by paying huge interests.

–Siasat News