Hyderabad Metro rail to start operating on Nov 28: Here are its advantages

Hyderabad: In the city, one of the major problems faced by the traveller is wasting time on roads due to traffic jams. This problem will be solved to a certain extent after the launch of Metro train.

According to the news published in DC, around two lakh passengers will be travelling daily on Metro Rail. It is expected that this new means of transport will reduce 30 to 60 minutes travel time when compared to road transportation. It will also help reduce pollution.

As per the study conducted by JNTU-H, if there are no traffic jams, road transport takes 60 minutes to travel 13 km in the city and the reason it cited is the bad roads. After the introduction of U-turns and other improvements, the average speed of vehicles in Hyderabad has increased to 20 kmph.

However, it still takes an hour to reach Ameerpet from Miyapur by cars, 60-70 minutes by the current public transport system and 35-40 minutes by two-wheelers. This time will now be reduced to just 20 minutes after the launch of Metro Rail on 28th November.

On the other hand, Metro Rail will take 30 minutes to travel from Nagole to Ameerpet which current public transport system takes 75-90 minutes; cars 60-70 minutes and two-wheelers 45-55 minutes.

It may be mentioned that although Metro Rail can operate at 90 kmph. However, initially, it will run at a speed of 60 kmph with a halt time of one minute at all the stations. The distance between two stations is 1-1.25 km.