Hyderabad Metro Rail: Men enter women’s coaches

Hyderabad: Metro Rail in the city separates the ladies section with a pink ribbon both inside the train and in the station and the seat mention “Reserved for Ladies”. But despite this, men occupied areas meant for women.

Many men crossed the pink ribbon and entered the women-only zone on the metro trains. Women were left standing in the area meant for them.

“Women shy away from asking men to get up from the reserved seat. Recently when I pointed out to a commuter that he was sitting on a ladies seat, he remained doubtful on whether to get up or not. When I insisted, he unwillingly got up.” Since the number of station assistants on platforms has been reduced, there is very few staff to stop male passengers from boarding women’s coaches,” said Ms D. Manasa who commutes from Habisguda to Prakash Nagar.

Ms Ankitha, another commuter, said, “Often men tend to enter the train from the women’s coach, despite the indicators even on the ground. I have witnessed some of them entering into arguments with women commuters who protested.”