Hyderabad: MBA student, 2 others held for selling ganja

Hyderabad: Rachakonda police caught an MBA and two others students were selling ganja to engineering students on Friday.

According to Deccan Chronicle, the guilty Prakash Chandra, 24, MBA student in St Mary’s Engineering College, Kumar Sanu, 25, working for a medical decoding company and Vijay Singh, 27, works as a chef in Mount Opera.

Police nabbed 450 grams of the 3 kg ganja which they had smuggled it long back in Odisha. Police arrested them on the basis of tip-off and were surprised after finding facts.

About 3 Kg Ganja was brought by Prakash from Odisha and he sells it to the customers for Rs 200, 8 to 10 gram sachet each. According to Hayathnagar inspector the trio got addicted to ganja but when they came to know the profit secrets they became peddlers and started smuggling it.

Prakash and Kumar hail from Odisha while Vijay belongs to Rajasthan.

He said, “They would have already sold it in institutions located in the surroundings. These people are only a small part of a huge racket which is in business since years. More people are suspected to be involved in the racket.”

Police arrested the trio and recovered ganja worth Rs 20,000 weighing 450 grams.

They could seize only 450 grams out of 3 kg which the suspects claim to smuggle.

Vijay Singh, chief in Mount Opera maintained the list of names of the frequent customers and students and also the nearby students who visit the resort would consult him and Prakash does the delivers it.