Hyderabad may witness hottest Ramadan in past 33 years

Hyderabad: This year Ramadan may witness a large number of hottest days in Hyderabad. Thirty-three years ago, it was in 1985, that Ramadan in the city was this hot. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), this year’s summer season is warmer than that of 1985.

The holy month of fasting is being coincided with the solar calendar that has a cycle occurring once every 33 years. Times of India reported that this Ramadan is a repetition of the holy month that was fallen in 1985 with most of the summer days coinciding. The fasting period in Hyderabad will be ranging from 15 hours and 18 minutes (May 16) to 15 hours and 33 minutes (June 14), says the report further.

The average mean temperature in the city during May is 33 degrees C, that often reaches 44.5 degrees C. In June the average temperature is 29.3 degrees C, reaching 45.5 degrees C. The fasting month is expected to begin on May 16 and end on June 14 with Sahar at 4.24 am and Iftar is at 6.42 pm on May 16. On June 14 the Sahar is at 4.19 am and Iftar at 6:52 pm.