Hyderabad may face 43 degree Celsius as average temp. in coming years

HYDERABAD: The country is facing heat waves throughout due to rising emission and global warming. The temperature of Hyderabad is reaching 43 degrees Celsius on a daily basis. Experts say that this maximum temperature will become the usual temperature in the coming years as govt. is failing to cut down the emissions.

“The extreme temperature will increase as we progress through the 21st century. Major scientific studies show there is a 90 percent chance of monthly average temperature to be more than the record seen so far,” said G Bala, a top climate change expert at Indian Institute of Science’s Divecha Centre for Climate Change in Bangalore.

“Whatever you see today, it’s definitely going to be the norm by the end of the century. The spike will be gradual every year,” he added.

Hyderabad’s daily temperature has been above normal averages in April and May with strong dry winds with a little rain since 2010. “These rains are completely random and nothing major should be read into it,” the expert said.

“It’s definitely going to get hotter in the coming years and we did predict a one-degree rise above normal this year. All this is happening due to a gradual rise in temperature and every decade is witnessing a 0.2-degree rise in temperature,” said YK Reddy, in-charge director (IMD Hyderabad).

According to the government’s data, more than 4,000 people have died in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in last four years.

At least 160 people died from sunstroke in Telangana this year since April 1. Whereas, scientists say rising sea levels, coastal erosion and soaring temperature are the three major worries for authorities.

Experts said, due to Co2 emissions coming from all over the world as the reason, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh would become even hotter. “Rising pollution and rapid deforestation are adding to the problems,” Reddy added.