Hyderabad: Master Plan to put an end of sewerage overflow

HYDERABAD: To end-up overflowing sewer lines and to ensure free flow in storm-water drains, the HMWS&SB has prepared a sewerage master plan (SMP).

According to the Times Of India report, OSD (revenue) Anand Swaroop, speaking at a lecture on ‘Sewerage System in Hyderabad-challenges before HMWSSB’said, the SMP has been prepared.

The SMP covers 1451 square kms which include the city, GHMC periphery, ORR and 4 IT hubs.

Officials will identify household sewer connections, branch sewers connected to storm-water drains and transfer them to the proposed sewer network.

He said a study on conditional assessment of decades-old sewer trunk network was conducted and 100 vulnerable points were identified in cure-in-place pipe method.

“The roads will not be dug up for replacement of trunk, as the method uses trenchless technology,” he added.