Hyderabad: Massive raid on dairy farms over milk adulteration

HYDERABAD: Observing that adulteration in milk was a serious matter; the Hyderabad Task Force on Tuesday conducted massive raids against various dairy farms across the city.

According to Telangana Today reports, the police have arrested around 15 persons suspecting of injecting oxytocin, a chemical commonly known as ‘love hormone’, into buffalo to make them yield more milk.

Officials have already seized about 15 bottles of Oxytocin, 16 syringes and other material from their possession.

Milk plays a vital role in shaping the mind and body of every human being and children are fed with milk because of its purity and nutritional value and such unhealthy and unethical practice affects the animals and humans as well.

Dairy owners were using the hormone to enhance milk production. The chemical makes milk flow faster by causing the cow’s uterus to start contracting. It is used to force the cow to give milk after being beaten, starved, and put under stress, the source said.

The chemical is available all over India in small paper packets or red capsules with the label ‘veterinary oxytocin’.

Also, a unit involved in adulterating honey and ginger-garlic pasted were also arrested.