Hyderabad: Man kills pregnant wife then commits suicide

Hyderabad: Man kills pregnant wife then commits suicide

The assistant bank manager of PSU bank who works in Vidyanagar branch allegedly killed his 25-year old pregnant wife, who he married eight months ago, suspecting an extra-marital affair, a man allegedly killed his wife and then ended up his own life by committing suicide in Hyderabad.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police of Kachiguda, J. Narsaiah said that she was smothered and choked to death. “We are suspecting that the murder could have taken place in the early hours of Saturday when she was asleep. And hours after killing his wife, Madhav ended his life by jumping in front of an MMTS train near Jamia Osmania,” he said.

The body of the 30-year-old man was found on the railway tracks between Jamai Osmania and Vidyanagar railway station on Saturday and his parents-in-laws later found their daughter’s body at the couple’s house.

Mekala’s maternal uncle, Ramesh, denied any domestic dispute and added that the couple were not having any problems. But on the other hand, Srinivas Acharya, a family friend of Sumalata refuted the claims of the maternal uncle, said that the couple was having differences and both of them were counseled by family elders.

Officials have not found any suicide note at the house, police started investigating.