Hyderabad: Man killed for breaking slipper strap, accused arrested

Hyderabad: Charminar police arrested a man involved in the killing of a man after a row on broken slipper. According to police sources, 24-year-old, band worker Mohammed Abdus Sattar alias Rahman R/O of Petlaburj, Gulab Singh bowli, halted on a wine shop on his return to his house on the night of August 21. Meanwhile 45-year-old Mohammed Ismail, R/O Vattepally also arrived on the same spot from behind. He accidentally stepped on Sattar’s slipper resulting in the break of slipper strap. Sattar asked Ismail to buy him a new pair of slippers and forcefully extorted Rs. 220 from Ismail’s pocket. Thereafter he purchased a pair of slippers from Govt. Maternity Hospital, Petlaburj at Rs. 50.

Ismail asked Sattar to return the remaining amount on which the latter got angry and attacked Ismail as a result the Ismail fell on ground and sustained serious injury. Sattar fled from the scene after attack.

On receipt of information, Charminar police shifted Ismail to Osmania General Hospital where he succumbed to injuries on August 22. Police nabbed accused Sattar with the help of CCTV footage.