Hyderabad: Man jumps from V floor to escape police action

Hyderabad: Despite the attempts of police to get closer to people and steps taken to help the public to create pleasant atmosphere, certain cases are tarnishing the image of police and thereby bringing disrepute to the functioning of the Govt. In spite of providing modern quality equipment, the plans of the Govt. seem to be failing.

One such incident occurred in Ghatkesar area wherein a person by name Chiranjeevi was arrested for the alleged theft. Police went to his house to recover the stolen articles. In order to escape police action, Chiranjeevi jumped from the building.

According to the details, Chiranjeevi was working in a private company. On 24th April, a complaint of theft was booked in Ghatkesar police station. Preliminary enquiries expressed suspicion on Chiranjeevi. Police admitted that the deceased person was the culprit but the articles which were stolen were to be recovered. Ghatkesar police interrogated Chiranjeevi to seize the stolen articles in Nizamabad. Chiranjeevi jumped from the V floor of the building to escape police action. He was seriously injured. Police tried to conceal this matter but it came to limelight late. Any police official was tightlipped to speak on this issue.

It may be noted that from the police custody of Ghatkesar police station the alleged thieves escaped and one of them died. Police should function in an appropriate manner to prove its efficiency.

–Siasat News