Hyderabad man jailed in Dubai, granted bail

Hyderabad: Habeeb Mohammed, a Hyderabadi, jailed in Dubai for seven years for carrying banned medicines was released on bail on Monday.

However, he is not permitted to leave Dubai until the final judgement in the case. Mujeeb Ba Abaad a Hyderabadi businessmen in Dubai and a few others helped Habeeb Mohammed fight his legal battle.

Meanwhile MBT leader Amjedullah Khan on Monday has requested union external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to further pursue Habeeb Mohammed’s case so that he is acquitted.

According to a report published in TOI, Habeeb Mohammed a resident of Narqi Phool Bagh went to Dubai to take up a job in Al Towar General Land Transport, Dubai. Habeeb, however, was arrested by the Dubai police on landing at the airport on October 27, 2016, after he was found carrying a parcel containing Lyrica 150 mg tablets, which is a banned drug in Dubai.

A friend of Habeeb Mohammed had given him the parcel to be handed over to former’s friend in Dubai. Habeeb Omer was booked under drug trafficking by the Dubai police, and was sentenced to one year in prison and imposed a fine of 20,000 Dirhams before jailing him. The court also handed over a life ban on his entry into Dubai.

However not satisfied with the sentence, the Dubai police appealed in a higher court for a harsher punishment for him. The higher court awarded Habeeb Mohammed seven years imprisonment and a fine of 50,000 Dirhams along with a life ban on his entry into Dubai.

Meanwhile Habeeb’s lawyers appealed against the sentence and the court heard the appeal on Monday and granted him bail.