Hyderabad: Man dupes elderly people in ATM fraud, arrested after a decade run

WARANGAL: A resident of Hyderabad was arrested on Sunday by the Police for conning elderly people on pretext of helping them to withdraw cash from ATM.

Md Yousuf Hussain, aged 38 had been conning senior citizens for the past ten years has now been caught. The police recovered Rs 4.20 lakh along with a mobile phone worth 40,000 and about 27 ATM stolen cards.

Hussain who married twice is survived with four kids was reportedly working in Saudi before. After his return, he took up the job of a plumber. But that job did not give him enough savings and that turned him to who tricked elderly people on the pretext of helping them withdraw money.

According to the City police commissioner G Sudheer Babu, Hussain would exchange their original debit cards with the fake ones and flee the scene. As he already gets their pin numbers he would withdraw the cash from various ATM’s as told to reporters.

Over all these years he has been duping elderly people which helped him manage to buy a house in Shaikpet worth 20 lakhs. He also deposited Gold jewelry he bought from the cards with a major gold mortgage company.

He would rob people particularly on Friday and Saturday’s so that if the victims notice they have been robbed their complaint with banks won’t be processed until Monday and that would give ample time to escape the city or town or even to return to Hyderabad said Commissioner of Police.

The recent drive all over India to make payments using e-cards has what trapped Hussain when he used one of his stolen cards to buy jewelry. In fact, he would also trade for a commission using his stolen cards in return of cash back for swiping his cards at shops.

“He would ask the elderly for PIN numbers as he offered to help them out. He would then tell them that the ATM was not working and ‘return’ a fake card and disappear from the scene and then go to another ATM and withdraw cash with the stolen card,” said the officer. He is currently in custody and soon will be produced before the court, Times of India reported.