Hyderabad: Man dupes 20 women under the pretext of marrying them, arrested

N. Jeevan Kumar, 23, who is a Class-VIII graduate from Nellore of Andhra Pradesh cheated about 20 women under the pretext of marrying them and stole their money.

According to the report published in the DC, he used pictures of others to create a matrimonial profile and input false details to attract women.

A woman who was searching for a groom and had created her profile on Jeevansathi.com in February this year and found a profile by the name ‘Rishi Kumar Nallapti’ and expressed her interest.

A woman techie who hails from Secunderabad exchanged their photographs after a few formal conversations and started talking over the phone. The man told that he works as a professor at Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru. One day, he informed her that his mother was suffering from cancer and he needs money for her treatment.

She believed him and provided her credit card details and shared the OTPs with him, and he withdrew about Rs 2.4 lakh in different instalments. Later when she pressurised to meet him in person, he blocked her and stopped responding to her messages. Realising that she had been cheated, she lodged a complaint with the Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police.

“The accused identified as N. Jeevan Kumar was traced to Nellore based on technical evidence. He is a Class VIII dropout and unemployed. He spends most of his time online and indulges in fraud. His father was a realtor at Goa. After Class VIII, his family suffered financial losses and moved to Nellore and despite not pursuing education, he has a good command over English, which he used to trap innocent women,” said a Cyber Crime official who is part of the probe.

By making this kind of fake profiles on matrimony websites, he cheated about 20 women so far with a similar style. According to the police, there are four complaints against him at Delhi, Odisha, Karnataka and Telangana, and all victims are software employees.

An official from the cybercrime said, He duped another techie from Bengaluru in March this year and collected Rs 10 lakh from her and in April and in another incident a woman techie from Bengaluru fell prey to him and gave Rs 1.8 lakh.