Man commits suicide after losing Rs. 50 thousand in Gambling

Hyderabad: In Old City area, a family of an old mother and five children got destroyed due to the evil of gambling.

According to the details, in Gazibanda area, Syed Kazim was engaged in catering profession. He got involved in gambling. He had taken Rs. 50000 advance for organizing a function which he lost in gambling and hence he got mentally perturbed. He made efforts to pool up money for organizing the function but could not do so. He sent his wife and children to his in-laws’ house and committed suicide.

With this act, the campaign of community policing got exposed. It revealed that there is no impact of this campaign in Old City. Police is neglecting such crimes in Old City

He left behind 5 children including three daughters. Police Kamatipura registered a case and started investigations.


–Siasat News