Hyderabad man attacked by Sangh Parivar goons in Nizamabad

Hyderabad: A Muslim youth belonging to old city of Hyderabad was attacked by goons of Sangh Parivar in Nizamabad. He was seriously injured in the attack.

According to sources Mohammed Azeem (20), resident of Dhobi Ghat, Yaqutpura loves a girl, named Sneha, resident of Nagaram, Nizamabad. They met a year ago and developed friendship. On Wednesday Sneha called him and requested Azeem to meet her at Nizamabad on Thursday.

Azeem arrived at Nizamabad at 4 pm on Friday and met Sneha. They were having lunch in a hotel at Kunteshwar when 7 persons belonging to Sangh Parivar arrived at the spot. On the pretext of having a talk, they took him to Giriraj college area and assaulted him with hammer and rods. He was seriously injured in the attack and also suffered head injury. After assaulting him they left him at Chandrashekhar Colony.

Syed Ibrahim Ali and Shahnawaz activists of Majlis Bachao Tahreek (MBT) shifted Azeem to a government hospital and informed III town police.

As his condition was critical, Azeem was shifted to Osmania Hospital. Police is investigating CCTV footage. Attackers could not be identified yet.

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