Hyderabad: Man arrested for sending ‘hijack email’ to avoid holiday with girlfriend

HyderabadHyderabad City Police yesterday arrested a man who had sent an e-mail on Saturday to Mumbai Police about the possibility of hijacking airplanes at the Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai airports.

Vamsi Krishna (32), a commerce graduate who is a travel agent by profession promised his girlfriend, a resident of Chennai that he would take her on a holiday trip to Goa. She asked him to book her flight from Chennai to Mumbai.

However, when Vamsi had no money, he sent e-mail to create panic.

Police traced out IP address of the computer from which Vamsi had sent email. IP address was found to be of E Net Zone Cyber Cafe in Madhuranagar, Hyderabad. As it is a cyber cafe, police analyzed CCTV footage and zeroed in on Vamshi.

According to the news published in DC, in email sent to Mumbai Police, Vamishi had presented himself as a woman and warned them about the possible threat of hijacking planes from Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airports. In his mail, he informed that he had overheard the conversation of six persons planning to hijacks planes from these three airports. They were a gang of 23 persons who split into three groups.

It may be mentioned that Vamshi Krishna who is a married person and has two children, developed friendship with a girl from Chennai on Facebook three months back. He posed himself as a rich businessman but he had no money to afford even air ticket for her.

He has a criminal background. Earlier, he was booked by the police in extortion and cheating cases.

It is also reported that when he fell short of money, he tried to persuade his girlfriend to cancel holiday plan but when she insisted, he decided to foil her trip to Goa by sending email which created panic.

After receiving the email threat on Saturday, security sleuths at the Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai airports made tight security arrangements.