Hyderabad: Man arrested for raping, murdering 6-year-old

Hyderabad: A 20-year-old man was arrested on Friday for allegedly raping and murdering a six-year-old girl.

The accused who is a resident of Bihar committed the crime during Holi celebrations.

Balanagar DCP PV Padmaja said, ”The accused has confessed to committing the crime during interrogation. The weapon used (to murder) has also been recovered. The accused came to Hyderabad two months ago and was living here with his relatives.”

The police received a complaint on Thursday night from the girl’s father. The complainant said that his daughter who had gone out to play Holi has not returned yet and requested for necessary action.

Based on the complaint, a kidnapping case was registered at the Alwal Police Station. Crime team rushed to the scene and started searching for the missing girl.

In the meanwhile, a local informed about having seen the dead body of a girl. The police reached the site along with the girl’s parents and recovered the body.

Upon further enquiry and information gathered by victim’s relatives and neighbour Dharmendra Singh, it was found that the crime was allegedly committed by Rajesh Kumar, one of the attendees of the Holi party organised by Dharmendra.

Apparently, the accused noticed the victim playing with her brother in front of her house. He called her and took her towards the railway track and raped her.

Apparently, the victim’s screams irritated the accused so much that he took an iron-wire piece and hit the victim’s neck. He continued to rape her even after that.

When he realised that the victim had died, he fled the spot, throwing the wire piece at the scene of crime.