Hyderabad: Locate nearest public toilet on Google maps

Hyderabad: Google maps will start new feature soon through which it will locate all the public toilets in the greater Hyderabad region. Presently this feature in available only in NCR and Madhya Pradesh.

In its latest initiative to curb open defecation, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has decided to add 450 locations of the public toilets in and around the city on the Google maps to help people on the streets get access to the nearest rest room as well as to keep the city clean.

Taking cue from Union Ministry of Urban Development which had recently partnered with Google to indicate public rest rooms in the National Capital Region of Delhi and Madhya Pradesh on the maps, GHMC has also written a letter to the Urban Development Ministry on Wednesday with a resolve to provide similar services to the people of twin cities.

This feature in Google map will help the citizens access the nearest toilet.