Hyderabad: ‘I am a killer. Can do anything;’ stalker threatens 13-year-old girl

Hyderabad: ”I am a killer. I can do anything.” this warning haunts 13-year-old girl who lives in constant fear, even though her stalker has been arrested. 22-year-old Azam used to threaten the young girl saying thus. He stalked the girl and kidnapped her earlier this month.

Daughter of an auto-driver, the girl is a class 8 student of a private school. She narrated her harrowing tale saying that the young man started speaking to her casually around three months ago. beginning with declarations of undying love, the youth grew bolder and barged into her home when her parents were away. He even forced himself on her a few times. He threatened the girl that if she told anyone, he would kill her brother and sister.

Once the youth even cut his hand and tried to slash girl’s wrist, when she refused to speak to him and take his calls. He warned the girl saying, ‘if I can cut my own hand, I can cut your neck too.’ He also held a knife to girl’s throat.

It was a real shock for girl’s mother when she received a marriage proposal from Azam’s mother earlier this month. The teenager’s mother refused the proposal saying that the girl is still a minor and she won’t marry her off at this tender age. But to her horror her daughter was kidnapped by the youth a week later.

Two days later, Azam and his friends brought her back to the city from Gulbarga.

NDTV has quoted the teenager saying, ”He forced me to swallow some white pill that made me drowsy and I don’t know what happened.”

Azam has been arrested and a case has been booked against him on the charges of sexual assault, abduction, criminal intimidation, and sexual offences against children. However no action was taken against his friends or family.

The teen and her family are struggling to cope with the threats and the constant dread. The girl has stopped going to school. She was told by the man “Whenever I come out, tomorrow or 10 years later, I will come after you.” He reportedly also claimed his friends would keep an eye on her till then.