Hyderabad: Jinn Masjid is the world’s smallest historical masjid?

Pic courtesy: Times of India

Hyderabad: Hyderabad which is well-known for its historical and heritage monuments, will also be known for having world’s smallest historical mosque. As reported by the Hans India, a masjid located in Kishan Bagh which is popularly known as Jinn Masjid could be the world’s smallest as it is said to have a space to merely accommodate around 12 people to offer prayers.

The masjid is perched on a hill at Dargah Hazrat Syed Shah Imaad Uddin Mohammed Mahmood Al Husaini, popularly known Mir Mahmood ki Pahadi, beside Mir Alam Tank, beholding scenic beauty and the Sufi culture can be traced at the Dargah.

Built almost 400 years ago, the Jinn Masjid is a neglected monument and cries for Archaeological Survivor of India’s (ASI) attention.

As reported by Times of India, Dr Mohammed Safiullah, managing trustee, Deccan Heritage informed that the masjid area is just 10 square metres. Jinn Masjid has a pulpit and a mehrab. It also has a path that takes the muezzin upstairs to give prayer call from the top of the masjid.

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