Hyderabad: Jamia issues Fatwa for prayers with social-distancing

Hyderabad: Jamia Nizamia one of the oldest Islamic institution of South India has issued a fatwa justifying maintaining of social distance during the congregational prayers(Namaz) in mosques ahead of re-opening places of worship from June 8.

While expressing opinion on maintaining social distancing during the congregational prayers in Masjids, Muftis at Jamia Nizamia issued a Fatwa suggesting adherence to social distancing norms during the Namaz in mosques as suggested by the health experts. Nizamia also gave reference advice made by health experts of maintaining social distance during the Namaz and said its not un-Islamic to observe social distancing in the present scenario considering the safety of the people.

Copy of Fatwa issued by Jamia Nizamia

Following the relaxations in the lockdown the Union Ministry of Home affairs has allowed prayers at all religious places from June 8 . and suggested the managing committees to exercise all the precautions to check the spread of Covid-19..