Hyderabad: IndiGo female staffer makes two drunkards touch her feet for misbehaving

HYDERABAD: A video of Indigo Airlines executive making two inebriated men touch her feet for misbehaving is going viral on social media platforms.
The incident occurred on Saturday midnight at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad. According to reports, the two men under the influence of alcohol misbehaved with the female staffer.
In the video, the female staff is seen dragging the accused to the police station. She let them go only after they apologised and touched her feet.
“Bend completely and touch my feet. Then only I will let you go,” she said confronting the duo, who were in inebriated condition.
“It was a mistake on our part. We misbehaved as we were under the influence of alcohol. Forgive us,” the man is heard in video.
They were booked for creating a nuisance but later allowed to leave as the staffer didn’t lodge any formal complaint against the drunkards.