Hyderabad: Increase in dengue cases in twin cities

Hyderabad: In order to prevent Dengue cases in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, the GHMC needs to intensify anti-mosquito spray and take measures to remove garbage from the city’s streets.

Private clinics reported an increase of patients suffering from fever, cold, and cough, and most of these patients are victims of dengue.  Mosquitoes cause dengue and to control the disease it is necessary to control mosquito breeding.

The symptoms of dengue are similar to the symptoms of COVID-19 which is a cause of concern.

According to doctors, Dengue can be prevented by keeping the environment clean and spraying mosquito breeding areas.

The GHMC is undertaking spray operations particularly in and around the slums and wet areas near them. Mosquito menace is not only in slum areas even the posh colonies are also suffering from this problem.

It is necessary for GHMC to undertake spray operations in posh colonies too especially in areas near the lakes. The GHMC says that it is running a campaign to control the mosquito menace.

Frequent complaints are coming from many areas that the anti-mosquito spray is not effective and needed to be sprayed more often.

However, the GHMC official says that daily spray could be a public health hazard hence the corporation undertakes operations with the expert’s advice.