Hyderabad incident-free in 2016: CP

The City police, through various technology initiatives, has been effectively handling all Law & Order events, Crime Prevention, Crime Detection, Women Safety and Traffic Management. The year 2016 passed off peacefully without a single violent incident, said City Police Commissioner Mahendar Reddy, IPS, today.


Speaking to mediapersons on Wednesday, the Police Commissioner said bandobust for all major festivals throughout the year was conducted incident free. All VVIP and VIP visits were also incident-free. He said the City Police has been in the forefront in all disaster mitigations, including cloud-burst, four-day downpour during September this year. The City police also actively involved in all developmental programs of the Government, including Haritaharam, Swatch Hyderabad and so on, the CP added.


Referring to crime prevention and detection, Mahendar Reddy said there has been a major reduction in professional crime. There was 25% reduction in murders, 31% reduction in grave crimes, 16% reduction in property crime, 66% reduction in chain snatchings, he narrated. As regards crime against women, the Police Commissioner said there was 18% reduction in harassment cases, 12% reduction in overall crime rate against women and there was 8% reduction in overall crime rate. The CP said there was great impact of CCTV in solving cases and 210 cases were detected with the CCTV footage. He also pointed out there was 50% reduction in UI Melas. (NSS)