Hyderabad: ‘I’m fit’, Mahmood Ali dispels fears about corona

Hyderabad: Home Minister Mr Mohammed Mahmood Ali said that people should not unnecessarily panic due the coronavirus claiming that COVID-19 is also a virus like any other viruses and can be easily cured if certain things are taken care of and treated soon after early symptoms are developed.

Mr Mahmood Ali, who is undergoing treatment in Apollo hospital, told that he was completely fit and would be ready to serve people shortly. He said being an asthma patient he was scared of coronavrius but when his report came positive, he felt that the disease can be treated by taking good diet and taking precautions.

Home minister’s son Azam Ali Khurram and his grandson Furqan Ahmed are also undergoing treatment in the same hospital after they tested positive. All three of them are stable and doctors have advised them to take rest. Mr Mahmood Ali noted that there is no treatment for coronavirus but it can be treated only by taking precautions and balanced diet.

Mr Mahmood Ali advised people to prevent themselves from contracting virus by maintaining social distancing, using mask and sanitizing or washing their hands frequently instead of getting panic of corona. He informed that he is not being given any particular medicine for coronavirus but is being given common medicines that are prescribed for fever, cough and cold. Mr Mahmood Ali is not suffering from any respiratory problems despite testing positive for COVID-19. He suggested use of ginger, garlic, turmeric, Tulsi and jaggery can prevent from cold. He advised to take milk, eggs, fruits and dry fruits to boost immunity. He advised to avoid cold water and cold drinks.

Home minister urged people in general and Muslims in particular not to develop unnecessary fears about the coronavirus as it can be defeated by prevention and confidence. He said he preferred to serve the people during lockdown instead of locking himself up in the house.

Mr Mahmood Ali asserted that the entire humanity is worried due to corona pandemic and said at this juncture we should turn ourselves towards Allah Almighty and start prayers and supplications. Hailing the measures taken by chief minister k Chandrasekhar Rao, the Home Minister pointed out that fatality rate is low in Telangana and the number of people getting recovered is rising day by day.

He said he will soon be available to serve the people again. He thanked all those who prayed for his recovery.