Hyderabad: Husband who sent “Talaq” through postcard and WhatsApp arrested

Hyderabad: A person 8 days after his marriage sent the message of “Talaq” to his wife through postcard. According to the reports, Mohammed Haneef (38) working as Supervisor in a textile showroom married a 26-year-old woman, a resident of Talabkatta. It is said that on the second day of marriage, he left the house and told his second wife that he is getting treatment at a private hospital and therefore, he won’t be able to come back home soon.

On 16th March, he sent a postcard to his wife in which the word “Talaq” was written thrice. He also wrote on the postcard that he has written this Talaq statement in the presence of two witnesses. He also mentioned that he has already divorced her on WhatsApp and now he is sending the same through post card. After receiving the postcard, the wife came back to her parent’s house and lodged a complaint in the police station. It is reported that this is the second marriage of Haneef. He has been arrested by police.