Hyderabad: Husband harassed wife for dowry and forced her for sexual contacts with his friend, arrested

Hyderabad: In a very heinous and immoral sexual act occurred in Hafiz Baba Nagar area of Old City, Husband and mother-in-law were arrested by the police.

According to the reports, Saleem had married a 21-year-old woman, resident of Hafiz Baba Nagar on 15th April 2016. After the marriage, Saleem went to Australia. When he came back, he forced his wife to establish illegal and immoral sexual contacts with his friend, Chand Pasha. Saleem’s mother, Noor Jahan Begum was also indulged in heinous act.

On 5th March, Saleem and Chand Pasha entered the bedroom of the woman forcibly and gave her an intoxicated drink. As a result of it, the woman became unconscious. Chand Pasha raped the woman in the presence of her husband.

It is also reported that Saleem, his mother, Noor Jahan Begum and other in-laws were forcing her for dowry. The wife had made a complaint earlier about her husband forcing her for unnatural and immoral act with his friend but her relatives had kept quiet.

Kanchan Bagh Police arrested Saleem and his mother Noor Jahan under various sections of IPC. Chand Pasha is absconding.

—Siasat News