Hyderabad: Hunger has no religion, youths serve food to poor

Hyderabad: Due to the lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak in the state, people specially the one who is earning their need on daily basis are suffering.

In this challenging time, charitable work to feed the needy and hungry without any religious concern or faith is the need of the hour.

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Many trusts and individuals are helping these homeless and poor people by distributing food packets among them.

Pavan Sunny Verma of Hussaini Alam area who is running Vaishnavi Verma foundation comes forward to feed the hungry people without any concern to their religion. Before also he distributed food packets among the people who are kept in Numaish Ground.

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A group of persons from Vijaynagar Colony who are Muslims and Non-Muslims as well, also distributed fruits among the poor people as doctors suggested to take fruits which are good for health.