Hyderabad hospitals gear up to tackle 3rd wave of COVID-19

Hyderabad: With the Indian Medical Association (IMA) warning that a third wave of Covid-19 pandemic is inevitable and imminent, leading hospitals in Hyderabad are gearing up to meet any challenge in the weeks and months ahead.

The IMA, while warning of a third wave on Monday, had appealed to the union and state governments to ensure people in the country do not let their guard down in the fight against this global pandemic. The top doctors’ body expressed concern over the complacency being shown by the people and concerned authorities even though the country is yet to fully come out of a disastrous second wave.

Top executives of prominent hospitals told IANS the healthcare machinery in Hyderabad is well prepared to handle any possible crisis. Across all hospitals in Hyderabad, more than 5,000 are allocated for Covid-19 care, and managements are prepared to add more to this in case of an emergent situation.

Gaurav Khurana, CEO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals — Lakdikapul, pointed out that due to a sudden spurt in tourism coupled with religious fervour, the country is witnessing mass gatherings, thus increasing the risks of spread of Covid-19 virus.

“Going by the past experiences and assessing the reasons for the second wave there is every possibility of a third wave hitting the Indian population sooner than later. The Indian Medical Association warning should not be ignored by people, healthcare machinery including hospitals, and regulatory authorities, and should be prepared to tackle the menace,” he said.

“Ignorance is not a bliss when it comes to healthcare. And in these times when the world is reeling under the burden of a global pandemic, people must stay cautious of the potential risks and ensure proper care is taken. Hospitals and doctors are constantly standing guard to face any eventuality, and it is the responsibility of the people also to ensure they do not burden the healthcare machinery due to their ignorant behaviour.

“Avoiding unnecessary travel and following all safety protocols is mandatory until India emerges out of this pandemic fully,” said D.V.S. Soma Raju, Executive Director, SLG Hospitals.

Commenting on super spreader events, Dr. Riyaz Khan, CEO, Continental Hospitals said India still has more than four lakh active Covid-19 cases needing care and is witnessing more than 700 deaths a day caused due to this deadly virus. “We are still in a dangerous spot, and every mass gathering irrespective of its size, is a potential super spreader event. Hence, it is important for people to stay indoors for a few weeks more and not venture out for unimportant reasons.”

Dr. Satwinder Singh Sabharwal, COO, Aware Gleneagles Global Hospitals, believes that vaccination is the only solution for India to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis. “More and more people must step forward and get two shots of vaccine to ensure we as a country come out of this pandemic that wrecked lives, families, and our economy.

“People travelling in hoards or indulging in mass gatherings without taking two doses of Covid-19 vaccine will only add to the disaster India has already witnessed. Now that vaccine is being made available easily, people must not delay taking it and must also encourage others to follow suit,” he said.