Hyderabad Horror: Auto Driver hacked to death over Rs 200

Hyderabad: It has been over twelve days since the body of an auto driver was found at Jalpally and the city police have finally solved the mysterious murder case arresting five persons.

A 28-year-old T Sainath was allegedly hacked to death by four adult accused identified as Sheikh Ismail and Sheikh Amer. Ahmed Ali Khan, Abdul Sameer and a juvenile who acted as their accomplice.

According to reports, the murder was carried out for additional Rs 200 that has costed the life of an innocent individual.

The appalling incident occurred on April 30, where the four accused Ismail, Amer, the juvenile and their friend Shera hired the victim’s auto at Lingampally and agreed to pay him Rs 700 for dropping them at Chintalmet, Rajendranagar.

Around 12.40 am on April 1, the two accused, the juvenile and Shera got were dropped at Tolichowki, while Ismail and Amer continued their journey in the auto.

Upon reaching the Fish Building around 12.55 am, the two accused gave Rs 500 to Sainath.

“The deceased asked them to pay Rs 700, the amount agreed upon, but Ismail and Amer who were intoxicated, attacked the deceased inside the auto,’’ police said.

The accused not only attacked Sainath but in the meantime also contacted Ahmed Ali Khan and asked him to bring a knife with him.

“Using the knife, the accused threatened the driver and asked him to drive them to Jalpally. Around 1.25 am, they reached Jalpally lake. The victim refused to accept Rs 500 and an argument ensued. When Sainath threatened to call the police, Adil stabbed him with the knife in the abdomen and throat,’’ police said in a press note.

After hacking Sainath to death, the accused soaked in his blood bathed and washed their clothes in Jalpally lake.

Later contacted the juvenile and asked him to arrive at the spot. The three accused then reportedly set the auto ablaze at Chintalmet.

The city Police have analysed the CCTV video footage along the 40 km site to identify the accused.