Hyderabad: GVK EMRI sets up free 50-bed COVID-19 hospital

Hyderabad: Ambulance provider GVK EMRI here announced today that it has set-up a 50 bedded multi-specialty hospital at its 108 GVK EMRI headquarters near Kompally in the city outskirts. The new facility is functional and will cater exclusively to COVID-19 cases.  

As of now, the treatment for COVID-19 patients will be provided free of charge, a press release from GVK EMRI said on Monday. “We have taken this initiative to supplement the efforts of the Government of Telangana to serve the poor, vulnerable sections of society. To begin with, the newly functional GVK EMRI Hospital currently has a capacity of 30 Oxygen beds, 10 non- oxygen beds and 10 ICU beds,” it added.

There is also a provision of single room accommodation for patients in the new facility. Doctors and nurses at the new healthcare facility were trained at the Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) for clinical case management of COVID 19 cases. Patient care assistants, housekeeping and security staff have also been trained in infection prevention and control, the released added. 

Medical specialists from the University of Michigan will also provide medical guidance for case management of the patients admitted at the GVK EMRI hospital, which also has a COVID-19lLab and a pharmacology support. It also has a 24×7 ambulance service, which will provide three meals as well for patients. 

To get admission, patients need to produce an RT-PCR test showing that patients are COVID-19 positive. The admission will be subject to clinical assessment criteria. Single room accommodation–AC and Non AC Rooms is available at nominal rates, as well. 

COVID-19 suspects, COVID-19 patients and post COVID patients are expected to benefit from this hospital. Critical case specialists on call are also available along with a dedicated ambulance for transfer in case of high-end care, the release stated. GVK EMRI is also planning to organize vaccination against COVID 19 soon. 

The poor and the needy who need admission may call its care line no: 9154213370 for help.